Non-Employee Information Form (NEEPIF)

page 1
  • Is the SSN listed, if available?
  • Is the address listed a St. Louis address? If not, it should be changed to their St. Louis address.
  • Is at least one phone number listed?
  • Are the birthdate and birth country listed and correct?
  • Are the appropriate Immigration Status and Expiration Date listed?
  • Is the USCIS/A# or Admission # listed?
  • Is the Country of Citizenship accurate and listed?
page 2
  • Is the Work Location section complete?
  • Is the Education section complete and accurate?
  • Did the foreign national sign and date?

Foreign National Information System

Once the OISS receives the NEEPIF, the foreign national will receive an email with login information and instructions to complete data entry in the online Foreign National Information System.

Please remind the foreign national to submit their FNIS data as soon as possible. The NEPIF cannot be approved until this is completed.

Questions about completing a foreign national NEEPIF may be directed to the International Student or Scholar Coordinator, by type:

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