Review this checklist to ensure the correct information is listed on the I-9 or NEEPIF before it is submitted for job approval.


section 1
  • Is the address listed a St. Louis address? If not, it should be changed by the employee to their St. Louis address.
  • Is there a date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format and is it correct?
  • Is the appropriate category box checked? Should generally be the fourth option, “an alien authorized to work until…”
  • Is “work until” end date correct? If not, have employee correct it.
    • F-1 = I-20 end date
    • J-1 = DS-2019 end date
    • H-1 = I-797 Approval end date, unless I-94 end date is sooner
    • EAD = EAD card end date (for OPT, J-2, PAA, H-4, etc.)
  • Is “Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number correct?
    • Listed as USCIS# on EAD cards.
    • Listed as A# on I-797 notices.
  • Is I-94 or passport information correct? Should be one or the other.
section 2
  • List A
    • If passport presented, is “Foreign Passport, work-authorized nonimmigrant” selected?
      • Entry visas cannot be used anywhere – do not confuse for a passport
      • Do not choose RMI passport or FSM passport unless employee is from the specific country
    • If I-94 has “D/S” as an end date, is the end date field left blank and an unexpired Employment Eligibility doc listed as Document 3?
      • F-1 student = I-20 (Doc ID = SEVIS ID and expiration date = end date)
      • J-1 = DS-2019 (Doc ID = SEVIS ID and expiration date = end date)
  • List C
    • If SSN is listed, is the card clean?
      • Cards with the verbiage “Not Valid for Employment”, “Valid for Work Only With INS Authorization”, or “Valid for Work Only With DHS Authorization” cannot be used. Only clean cards can be listed.

Foreign National Information System

Once the OISS receives the I-9, the foreign national will receive an email with login information and instructions to complete data entry in the online Foreign National Information System.

Please remind the foreign national to submit their FNIS data as soon as possible. The I-9 cannot be approved until this is completed.

Questions about completing a foreign national I-9 may be directed to the International Student or Scholar Coordinator, by type:

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