Download a PDF of this CHECKLIST (Undergraduate admissions)


Student information

  • Student Name
  • Department/Program
  • Dept Contact Name
  • Preferred Delivery Method

Electronic Documentation

Physical Documentation

    • Application for Admission
    • Transcripts and/or Academic Records on which admission is based
    • Admit Letter
    • Completed DCOF showing funding for duration of program, if not fully funded –
      • If student is fully funded for the duration of the program, this fact must be included in the award or admit letter.
      • If student has prepaid all funds in advance, then a letter from the department stating this is required.
    • Documentation of English language proficiency
    • Financial Documentation (see below)
      • Letter showing WashU funding, if applicable
      • Proof of Funds from Financial Institution
        • Personal funds and/or funds from a sponsor require a bank statement or signed bank letter on letterhead showing funds immediately available (less than 6 months old, in English)
      • Statement of Support from sponsor providing funding.


    Required if Dependents Included:

    • Dependent biographical information in WebISS
    • Proof of dependent funding

WebISS records are required for all international students, regardless of status and regardless of whether or not WashU will issue an I-20/DS-2019. Examples of non-WashU sponsored statuses include J-2, H-4, E-2, and Pending Permanent Residents.