All J-1 Exchange Visitors are required to maintain health insurance coverage up to certain levels for the entire time that they are participating in the J-1 program. Exchange Visitors are directed to the departments for confirmation that they are eligible for a Washington University plan through the University’s benefit programs. Please confirm with the Benefits Office that the Exchange Visitor will be eligible for such a plan. The high deductible and basic plans do NOT meet the Exchange Visitor health insurance requirements, so new Exchange Visitors should not enroll in those plans.

When entering documentation for a new Exchange Visitor or extending an Exchange Visitor’s stay, the J Health Insurance Acknowledgement Form must be completed and uploaded in all cases. For those who do not have Washington University health insurance plans, the J Health Insurance Verification Letter must also be completed and uploaded.

Note that the University plans do not include medical evacuation or repatriation coverage, so all Exchange Visitors who enroll in a University health plan must also purchase that coverage.

For details about the health insurance requirements, as well as the plans which meet the J-1 requirements, go to this website.