H-1B Forms for Departments

You can find the latest versions of H-1B related forms, all of which are available in PDF format, and information here. If you have any trouble downloading the files please e-mail OISS.

Internal Request Forms for H-1B Petition

H-1B Checklist

Required for All H-1B Petitions

Department H-1B Form
H-1B Prevailing Wage Determination Form 
H-1B Actual Wage Form
H-1B Labor Condition Application Attestations Form
Questionnaire for Export Control Certification for H-1B Employees
H-1B Employee Information Form
H-1B Employee Information and Acknowledgment Form

Required for All Premium Processing Requests

H-1B Premium Processing Form 


Required for H-1B Scholars with Dependents

H-4 Dependent Information Sheet